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On this page you will find professional freelance animators, all of which are ready to make you a stunning video! These animators’ skills aren’t limited to whiteboard animation, they all have a variety of animation skills! So, Click on their button to see their full profile and pricing!

What does a video cost? To my suprise, they are very affordable and they are of professional quality! The videos I purchase are priced between $5 and $150, depending on the length, script, and if you want a voice on your video. Cheap right? 

How hard is it to hire them? Well, to hire one of these professionals, it is very simple! First, click on the green button on their profile. Then,  you will be directed to their main profile that includes their pricing and details. Next, choose a package that fits your needs and hire them. During that process you will be asked to provide these 3 things: 

  1. Script– 75 words usually costs $5
  2. Logo or Pics– Add a watermark or Logo to videos
  3. Voice Recording– If you want to use your own voice recording or if you use theirs extra costs may be involved. (still cheap)

How do I use these videos to make money? To start their is no guarantee these videos will make you money…. But they will give you an edge over your competition with an eye grabbing explanation whiteboard video!Their are several uses for these videos and I will try to explain a few here. Subscribe to the blog because I will be releasing an review where I hired 4 whiteboard animators to see who was the best! It is gonna be good, I will also show you how to use the videos to your advantage. Below are a few ways to start using them now.

  1. Facebook Posts & ADs– I use many whiteboard animations to promote my various affiliate programs. These action packed videos will surely grab your customers eye!
  2. Promote Your Business– I have noticed many real estate agents using these type of videos. How do I Remember those videos? Because they grab my attention and put a lasting memory in my brain! 
  3. Youtube– Use these videos to explain your “How To” tutorials. You can also use them for intros or exit clips. Yet another great use…Did I tell you they are CHEAP yet? 🙂
  4. Promote Social Channels– I use these videos to post on groups to drive traffic to my own group or variety of social channels. They really do the trick for any type of advertising! 
  5. Family Video– Send the freelancer all your family photos. Then BOOM, in a few hours they will send you an amazing, sentimental, whiteboard video showcasing your beautiful family! 

Well that’s all I have to say for now about whiteboard animators. I hope you find the right animator that fits your every need. Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog so you can be the first to know about all my work from home methods! 

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