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Tis’ the season for working in the yard and enjoying the beautiful weather! I believe this year we will see a lot more gardners shopping online and, in general, an increase of people wanting to begin gardening. At this time, most of the United States is in isolation due to the pandemic created by the Covid-19 virus. With people at home having nothing to do and thinking of prepping for the next disaster, I strongly suggest looking at these trending lawn & garden products from Amazon.

I have looked at many products that make sense for the change in the trends, and lawn & garden products rank up there with my previous article about trending prepper products! Always remember with Amazon’s shipping and handling times changing daily, if not hourly, set your eBay business policies to reflect Amazon’s S&H times. This will be over soon and we can all go back to setting our handling times to 1 or 2 days, but for now review each Amazon listing. Drop shipping can be tricky, even trickier now, so feel free to check out the professional drop shipping virtual assistants here

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