High Selling Items To Dropship on eBay For Corona Virus Scare

Don’t Wait start listing items that are selling like crazy on eBay right now because of the Corona virus! In this article I’m going to give you several ideas of products to list on eBay immediately! These items are selling like crazy right now on eBay due to the big scare. Now be careful and monitor the quantities closely because they may run out of stock at your supplier. If you are using DSM Tool you still need to monitor because DSM Tool only updates every hour, and in that time it may be sold out at your preferred dropshipping supplier! Here are a few suggestions of items to list today on eBay! If you are still using the free version of DSM Tool you need to upgrade so you can list more products on eBay to take advantage of this once in a lifetime dropshipping demand! Read this article if you want to upgrade your DSM Tool.

#1. Bidet Toilet Seat


This Bidet Toilet Seat is a great way to make some quick sales while drop shipping on eBay. We all know that toilet paper is a scarcity right now due to the pandemic called the Corona virus. So I found a fix that has consumers rushing to their local hardware store to avoid a dirty butt! Now that stores are closing and we all need to be clean I see this item being a huge seller now and in the future! Here is an example on Amazon.

#2. MRE Meals Ready to Eat


Yes, MRE’s are a great way to take advantage of this pandemic! These are flying off the shelves at Amazon, so as I stated before, keep an eye on the quantities available and check them often. Dropshipping MRE’s isn’t a new thing for most but they are a great way to make some sales right now on eBay. That is if you can find any and they don’t run out before you make a sale. Here is an alternative to MRE’s that are selling quickly too on Amazon.

#3. Toothpaste


Simple right? Toothpaste is essential to daily life, so expect it to be a very sought after item! Dropshipping this may not bring huge profits on a couple sales, but imagine if no one could get toothpaste…. It will sell like wild fires spread!!!! Don’t wait start listing these items now!!! Here is an example of a good toothpaste to sell on eBay from Amazon.

#4. Pet Food


Ok this is the final product I’m sharing with you today because I need to get to listing items, I’m going to list several items and pump up my dropshipping profits!. Pet Food is a definite big seller during the Corona Virus! Here in America there are over 90 million households that have pets, this is great for dropshipping! If pet owners can’t get to the store to feed their animals then they will be buying supplies online from eBay and other retailers, so don’t miss out and start listing them today! Here is an example of a good product to list from Amazon.


With this pandemic hitting every country in the world this is the time for us dropshippers to make big money!! If you don’t have time to list products on eBay but want to take advantage of this crisis hire one of the Virtual Assistants available here. When you look at the big picture, this is the time to grow your dropshipping business!! so, don’t wait and upgrade your DSM Tool so you can list and monitor more items on eBay using DSM Tool automation. Here is a great deal if you choose to upgrade your DSM Tool! Feel free to comment any other ideas you may have about products that may sell because of the Corona Virus! Please like this article and share it with other dropshippers!
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