How Does Dropshipping On eBay Effect Seller Ranking?

How Does Dropshipping On eBay Effect Seller Ranking? Above you will see my eBay ranking, it is 100%, further down in the article I share some of my feedback from eBay buyers. All eBay sellers fear negative feedback which lowers their seller ranking. Especially if you are an eBay dropshipper, negative feedback could end your dropshipping career! In this article I will give you a few tips on how to continue to get positive feedback on eBay as a dropshipper. Please share this with fellow dropshippers. At the end of this article I will share a “fix all” solution to remaining a high ranking eBay seller!
It all comes down to how dedicated you are to your drop shipping business, if we don’t consistently check our messages, tracking, and sales, we won’t be a high ranking eBay seller! With that said, you need to be responding to messages that are asking questions but most importantly, reply to and process returns quickly! If you are selling on eBay you will get returns and they will process them automatically, so be prepared to refund their money as soon as the item has arrived at it’s return location. Another tip is to know how to make returns to your suppliers so you can expedite the process of getting your money back.
Another important step to keeping a 100% ranking on eBay is to upload tracking quickly so the buyer is put as ease and isn’t worried if the package will come on time. Be careful if you are dropshipping from Amazon because most prime products will come with Amazon tracking numbers, eBay does not accept these tracking numbers!!! To fix this problem I suggest upgrading you DSM Tool account to at least the basic subscription so it will convert tracking # to Blue Care tracking #. If you decide to upgrade from the free version of DSM Tool, and make more money, visit this article for huge savings or contact me.
Here is a great tip for avoiding bad feedback on eBay while dropshipping, fill your orders!!! Don’t cancel orders, always fill them even if you may take a small loss. Ebay will come down on you hard if you cancel too many orders and you may be suspended or completely removed from eBay. Also, if you aren’t filling your orders quickly it will be a domino effect and your tracking will be uploaded late as well as your package may arrive later than you promised. This will all result in possible negative feedback and ultimately lower your ranking on eBay. Below you will see some of the feedback I have received by following the simple eBay practices.

One more tip that comes to mind and is very important!!! Always send with a gift receipt!!!
Now for the “Fix All” to keep selling and continue your high ranking eBay store! My best suggestion is to have a Virtual Assistant to take care of all of it for you. I have one of the best available to you here on my Virtual assistants page, I also wrote an article on him here. His name is Mahmudul and he does a very professional job. He has a few spots available so don’t wait, get him while you can! Below you will see some of his ratings from satisfied customers!

virtual assistant ebay dropshipping
ebay dropshipping VA

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