Are The Shipping Delays From China Over?

I wanted to share this post I found that explains the delays from China suppliers. This has impacted the dropshipping community with huge delays on order fulfilments on eBay and even Shopify causing many problems. One of these problems is suspension of eBay accounts due to orders not being filled. If you want to learn ways to keep from being suspended on eBay comment below and subscribe to my blog. So, here is the post I found and I hope it helps you dropshipping beginners!

Hi Dropshippers,
We will officially start our operation since 17th February, as we finally got the approval from government that allow us to reopen our office and warehouse. Still there are something that need to notice you:
1. We are not on full operation yet, as many employees are still home now. We are supposed to start full operation since 24th February, before that time, processing may be slower.
2. Many factories are still closed, even some factories opened are still not on full production, because their employees are home too.
3. The shipping time from factories to our warehouses will be longer than before, normally 3-5 days now, because there are tons packages stuck due to coronavirus, they need to clear the backlogs first.
4. The shipping time to some countries like USA will be much longer than before, many airlines stopped the routes from China to USA, and also it takes longer time to finish the clearance.Based on these information, we advise you to confirm with us first before you scale your business.Hope you have a great business and good health!!!

I hope this helps you all, and I wish you luck eBay dropshipping!
Thank You,

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