Why Costway For eBay Dropshipping?

I believe Costway is the safest, easiest, and most cost effective US eBay Dropshipping Supplier! When you join the Costway Dropshipping program through my link you will recieve coupons off of some of your orders and other special pricing!
Let me begin by telling you about their amazing shipping and handling times. I contacted Costway to to ask them a few questions and one thing they told me is they upload there tracking within 24 hours! Which is a great thing for ebay dropshippers. another thing is they guarantee that the order will be delivered in 5 days! Yet another win for dropshippers!
Another great feature about Costway dropshipping is that they don’t send invoices with any of their deliveries. They also ship in plain or usps boxes, this will keep your eBay customer happy and without concern you are a dropshipper.
Costway is also easily integrated with DSM Tool to make dropshipping even easier and less time consuming!
I will end with the fact that you get a certificate saying you are a certified Costway Dropshipper! This is something that may possibly come in handy if eBay asks questions. If you want to sign up for Costway Dropshipping Program click on the banner on this page. If you liked this blog post and want to see more please feel free to like this post and comment “we want more”! Subsribe to this blog to keep updated and get promotions!
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