Virtual Assistant Requirements To Use When Hiring For eBay Dropshipping Items

Here it is, the information I  promised to you about hiring a virtual assistant to list items on Ebay for you.  At the bottom of this article you will find the requirements I send to the virtual assistant on Fiverr. I wanted to share this information with you to make your job easier when hiring a virtual assistant to list products for you on eBay. As I stated in the previous articles about hiring a virtual assistant, I suggest that you try several virtual assistants before starting. The virtual assistant will give you a free listing if not a few free listings as a test of their qualifications. If they are not of high quality I suggest looking further and if you need any suggestions from me comment below and I will get back to you. Also subscribe to my blog so you can get future blog posts and promotions sent directly to your email. The message below is what I send to any virtual assistant that I want to hire to list products from  various suppliers to eBay feel free to adjust this message to fit your needs. 

Thank You, 


Seo optimization of products description and title

Product image enhancement

Main product image enhanced with graphics

Research and find winning products from Zik 

Products must have low competition

Be able to list 7  items per hour

Keep in contact

1 hour project

List all item quantities at 2

Set all shipping from to Phoenix, Arizona

Use big sale template on dsmtool

List products from amazon price range of $30 to $150 

List only amazon prime products

***must enhance image with graphics!!!

Dont list any product with profits under 11%

All or most item specifications filled out for ebay listing

Must List at least one test listing to eBay to be considered for job

Contact before job starts, during job, and to review first listing Quality

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