Why Have a Virtual Assistant List Items On eBay For You?

I have found that a virtual assistant can be worth their weight in gold!! In this article I will tell you why having a virtual assistant is so important to become a successful eBay dropshipper. I’m going to tell you where and how to find a good virtual assistant. If you subscribe to my blog you will get posts like this sent straight to your email.
To start, I want to tell you where to find a good VA. I use Fiverr to look for good VA’s, they offer tons of other services that I will cover further at a later date. Why Fiverr you ask? Well, the Virtual assistants on there are of quality and priced cheap. I can ask the Virtual assistant to give me a couple test listings before hiring them for a gig. Yes they will list items for free!! But, I suggest finding a good one and sticking with them. They will do a good job for you if you explain exactly what you want. I will share the message I send my potential Virtual assistants at a later date. Subscribe to get that upcoming post.
Now let’s cover how to choose and hire a VA. First, save ten or so prospects to favorites. Next, message them and send the guidelines you have, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind listing a few for free to see if they are up to your standards. Once they respond with yes give them access to your DSM Tool using the amazing “add a Virtual Assistant” feature. (How to set up VA on DSM Tool coming soon) Now it may take them some time to get these items listed to eBay so be patient. Once they have listed these items for you, review them to see the quality of the listings. Make sure they have got all your profits and break even percentages correct. Another thing to review is your listings specifications are filled out with all the information possible. I cover this in my videos if you want to take a look here. Also check pictures, Title, and Description. Ok, now hire the best fit for the job, I usually only hire them for small jobs at first to establish a relationship, then I hire them for bigger jobs later. I hope this has helped you, if it has or if you enjoyed the read please like and share!
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