Top 2 Ways To Promote Affiliate Programs

I wanna start out by telling you a couple different methods I use to promote my affiliate links. The most cost effective way to promote your affiliate links is via social media. I don’t mean spamming your favorite group with your links. Build a social presense that will pay you for years to come! I will cover more on social presense in future posts, subscribe to keep updated. One way to build a social presence is to start a Facebook Page and Facebook group that is designed to draw traffic to the affiliate program of your choice. Once you build your Facebook page, for example Drop Shipping For Beginners, start joining groups in the same niche. Join as your page you have created to promote your affiliate link, so when you comment and post on various groups your page will get exposure. Also by joining as your facebook affiliate page it makes it easy for you to invite anyone that has liked your posts or comments. Ultimately growing your page and your connected Facebook Group. So be active in groups without sharing your affiliate links, and share your affiliate links on your group, Not your page. Posting links on your page will disqualify your page for Facebook Monetization! That is all for now on using social networks to promote affiliate links, in the future I will cover this more.

My next favorite way to get traffic to my affiliate programs is by purchasing banner ad spaces. I use a couple different places to post affiliate banner ads. One being, it has the highest quality websites to choose from to post your banner ads. Its a very simple process to get signed up and start getting your banner ads to hundreds of thousands of potential customers! Find the right website to promote on per the affiliate niche you are promoting. Then buy ad space either per month or per thousand impressions. This is a very effective way to promote your affiliate progams. If you have any questions feel free to comment on the blog and I will cover it in my future blog posts. Subscribe to my blog to see these future posts and recieve offers and news on how to make money online.
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