Step 2 Start Dropshipping- Set Up Business Policies on eBay

This step can be hard the first time to navigate through. I have made a video that’s available on the video page that will guide you through the set up. So step 1 click on the ‘help contact’ button at the top of your eBay dashboard. Now, type in the search bar “business policies” . You are now going to scroll down till you see a link that says opt in, click it. Once you opt in refresh your browser. Go to business policies “create policy” now you will choose “payment policy” and set up paypal payment details. I don’t use any other payment method besides PayPal. Click “save”. Click “create policy” and choose “return policy”. Set up how you want to handle returns. I do 30 day returns for Costway products as an example. No international returns. Go through all settings and title it the specific supplier(s) you will use for this return policy. Click “save”. Click “create policy” again and choose “shipping policy” . Title it for the supplier(s) it will be used for, example, Costway. For Costway I choose 1 day handling, expedited shipping, free shipping, and no international shipping. I also exclude Puerto Rico, APO, Alaska, and P.O. boxes. Check over policy and then click “save”. Ok, that’s all done, go to DSM Tool and connect your eBay account after signing up. I will continue the set up process soon so stay tuned and please subscribe so you can get updates and offers!! Comment any questions you may have!

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