DSM Tool is the only tool you will need to be a successful eBay or Shopify Dropshipper, in my opinion. I have been using this drop shipping tool for a little while, but I was immediately amazed by all the features it includes. So amazed that I started teaching other people, highly motivated people, how to dropship on eBay. I will talk later about my group on Facebook, just know, we are very active in helping others get started dropshipping!

Back to DSM Tool, one of my favorite features I want to cover is their Google chrome extension. With this extension you can go straight to the supplier’s website and with the click of the mouse, the extension will extract all the products details to DSM Tool. Once the details, ( product pictures, product description, product title, product price, and many more details) are on DSM tool you can edit them as you please. After you edit the future eBay listing, set your desired profit percentage, adjust break even percentage, and set shipping and return policies(all very easy) you click a button and it lists it to your eBay account!!!! Boom!!!! Done, You can list a product from many different US and Chinese Suppliers in under a minute with DSM Tool. This is one of the many features DSM Tool offers. Did I mention it’s FREE!!!! Sign Up Now!

Please comment any questions you may have about dropshipping or DSM Tool!

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