My Top 2 U.S. Suppliers

Where do I supply products from to sell on eBay? Well, I have the answers! Lets start with my favorite US dropshipping supplier. I will mention the best drop shipping supplier to start with at the end of the article. If you are a dropshipping beginner then I would love to help you get started dropshipping, comment below and subscribe to my blog if you need help.

# 1. Costway is a great supplier to choose if you are eBay dropshipping. At Costway they offer a dropshipping program that allows you to be a certified distributor for them. The best parts about Costways Drop Shipping Program is that they offer dropshippers huge discounts on their products!!! Costway also guarantees delivery of your item to your eBay customer within 5 days!! Not to go over board on the excitement that Costway brings me, but, they also upload tracking within 24 hours!! Costway is my favorite eBay or even Shopify dropshipping supplier. Costway carries a huge variety of products with many niches! As always you can use DSM Tool to quickly post Costway products to eBAy!

#2. iHerb is a supplier that carries supplements for both humans and animals, there are tons of products there that arent even listed on ebay yet!!! That’s right, NO COMPETITION products that will get high traffic on eBay! With what seems to be an endless list of products to choose from this is a strong second if not first choice for ebay dropshipping! I choose them second because they don’t offer a dropshipping program or certificate like Costway does. Yes the DSM Tool extension is available for iHerb! I would suggest setting your handling time to 3 days on eBay at first when using iHerb to drop ship with. Once you get the feel for how long the process takes you can adjust your shipping times and handling times. Always check to make sure DSM Tool is listing your product to the correct category to avoid eBay suspension!

Honorable mention: Amazon is a great place to start dropshipping products from but I wouldn’t use them for long. I always fear the MC011 suspension when using Amazon as my supplier, due to the many different warehouses they ship from. Non the less, a great place to start! Amazon also offers Prime free for 30 days which is needed to be competitive on eBay.

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